Wednesday, April 11


Assalamualaikum to all peoples here and there!

Seriously, I haven’t being here for a very long time. And, I don’t even declared a few words, for a new year 2012. So, for short, I kindly greet HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to all people out there. A bunch of apologize I declared, for being tremendously LATE. I’m kind of busy at the beginning of the year. I damn tired with my study, however, I have to keep it up and put my extravaganza effort, to achieve what I had kept in mind.

What I had kept in mind precisely is what I aim for this year. There’s A LOT things that I want to strive to get. Peoples use to say in simple word, DETERMINATION.

I’m not really listing out everything I want because I completely sure there’s going to be a LONG LIST-OF-DETERMINATION. I make it simple and I set in mind, SIMPLE thing.
#hey! I’m Mr. Simple. Because I naughty naughty-SUPER JUNIOR.

FIRST of all, ‘REPEATERS’ no longer exist.
Surely, I don’t want to repeat any paper for next semester. I’m extremely DONE with FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1’s subject, where I have to repeat this FAR100’s paper for second semester. I regret a lot for not struggling in this subject before. The knowledge and the efforts vary tremendously from one to another. I would like to say I learn and understand a lot this semester for accounting subject rather than previous semester.  And I bet I’m doing better than before for the FAR100 paper. I hope I can pass the paper and do extremely well than before.

Secondly, excel in Final with 3.5 and MUET with Band 3.
I don’t really realize since when I include 3.5 in my list. Precisely, I just want to make my parents proud of me. Even once, it is worth enough. I LOVE MOM AND DAD SO MUCH #suddenly get to emotional and feel like to cry.  :((
About MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY ENGLISH TEST, I want it to much to pass it with Band3 and if I got Band4 it is good enough and I been doing really great job:DD

Thirdly, total MAKEOVER.
I want to be such a good and kind person. I want to change my attitude and so on and aim to be better than now. I need a guide; I need Al-Quran and Allah. I like to fix my path, make it easier for the next. YA ALLAH, Bantulah HambaMu ini!

Well, there are more that I would like to state here, but it is just enough for now. And last but not least, I would like to declared here that CONTINUE BLOGGING? Yes I am!

hiasan -___- malas upload pic baru

Goodbye and Assalamualaikum:DD

terima kasih daun keladi awak

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