Friday, December 7

mouse pad and iron; which one better?

“Achap, antara mouse pad dengan iron kau pilih yang mana?” 
Itu yang telinga wa tangkap bila June tanya.

“Haa? Mouse pad dan iron? Kenapa..”
Wa serius blur gi-la. Apekehenye mouse pad dengan iron.....................

“Kau, mesti lagi suka mouse pad kan? Kan Dayah?”

Ouh. Aku dah faham lepas puas gelak. Cehtt, mouse pad, iron..

“Tengok je aku dah tau kau lagi suka siapa. Kan?”
“Aahhh, Dayah pun nampak.........”

Ouh. Member wa dah buka cherita pula tiba-tiba. Wa fikir banyak kali, wa pun tak pasti. My friends used to think is better to liking iron that mouse pad since mouse pad already got partner kot? I like both mouse pad and iron but both in different ways................

Mouse pad pada wa

Mouse pad bukan orang yang wa jumpa hari-hari, bukan orang yang selalu ada hari-hari time kelam-kabut nak buat presentation or time nak kena submit assignment. Mouse pad bukan orang yang wa bagi dia copy assignment wa. Wa tak banyak berkomunikasi dengan mouse pad through verbal communication. Wa tak boleh nak cakap dengan mouse pad sebab wa rasa macam muka wa kena simbah dengan minyak kapak je kalau wa go through verbal communication face to face dengan dia. Secara jujurnya, wa tak kenal mouse pad sangat – tapi, wa tau lah benda basic yang perlu; such as I obviously knew what sports his in because I use to adore and know him because that ‘thing’, where he lives, who are his friends, when was his birthday, how many siblings he had, and he used to have girlfriend already, I guess. Also, I know when her sister’s birthday which is same birth date as mine was. I use to be his secret admire, maybe. Who could wonder mouse pad can cause intoxication too?

Iron pada wa

Iron used to be with me through many days last semester as a good friend, indeed. Wa jumpa iron hari-hari, preparing for presentation together, finishing our assignment together and also studying for final examination together. I like that iron because he has some kindness, hardworking, cooperation, commitment, and funny too and always make me smile. Somehow, sometime he went overboard. Although peoples seem to see us together for a long time and every day, I didn't know him much. I couldn't enter his world. I guess he got his partner too, but who knows? I prefer iron so much like abang yang caring towards her sisters. He has manners too sometimes, such as hantar kami balik dulu tiap malam bila ada buat discussion sebelum dia balik rumah dia. He used to be my good boy-friend.

Who could wonder that mouse pad and iron was a good friend? Who knows? 

Sincerely,  Harhar

terima kasih daun keladi awak

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