Saturday, November 26

cute CoinBank

err -.- so, tadi pergi CitySquare or for short is CS . than I found this cute little thing, err tapi taktengok laah pulaa harganye =='

I just love cats and kittens damn much . can you grab me one ? I want&hoping for one, just for my upcoming birtday, the 9teenth birthday okay ? Preety PLEEAASSEEEE (!)
#okay Achap kau nak merayu kat siape nihh =='

all of them, damn funny and cute #winkwink ^^,

It's cute things, I love these damn mucho (!)
Assalam and kbye XD

terima kasih daun keladi awak


  1. ouhh, you nak tolong beli . I tadah tangan menerima jee >.< HEEEE