Saturday, July 9

: HBU . vlogging . and HB to you :) :

. okay . today we got to attend our HBU's class . which is carry marks for college student like us . eeiyuw! engatkan terlepas laa daripada segala bagai ni . and . since we already in college+i have gone for PLKN . i thought i done have to do T-H-I-S K-I-N-D-D-A T-H-I-N-G . but i have to . dengan bangun tak berapa nak awal+lambat *heyy.what the difference between those two words . terus pegi HBU tuu . okay and ema . azie . jun . is awaiting me at the lobby . JUN memang express kan kan . memang tinggalkan orang laa kerjanye . ==' . even were housemate . it doesn't make a difference . you SEE ! alamat terkedek kedek laa achap ni .  -.-

. okayy . actually achap terSANGAT laa L-A-P-A-R tauu . tak sempat nak breakfast punn . then terus turun . it was lucky that were just learning in the class okay . kalau kawad kaki . daa T-U-M-B-A-N-G kodd . but da balek rumah punn . sekarang ni . masih tak makan+tak tau nak makan ape ni ==' . duet daa laa kering+kontang kan . sebab tak keluarkan lagi dari bank . -.- . my mom call me a few days ago . and she said that my father have B-A-N-K I-N the money . about two hundred ringgitmalaysia . just to pay the rent of the house which i was sitting on the floor of that house right now *ayat muiz.betul ke penggunaan bahasa ni . honestly cakap . IN A BLINK OF AN EYE . duet tuu bolee habis . sekejap je . even achap tak J-O-L-I S-A-N-A S-I-N-I kan . at first i didn't though . that life as a college . we need A LOT of MONEY . oh we DO NEED MUCH M-O-N-E-Y ! *sekali lagi.macam broken english je =='

. okay . a few days ago . i discovered a video . entitle JUDGMENTAL . which is made by a famous malaysian vloggers . MATLUTHFI . ouh ! i totally addicted to him . seriously ! gaye die smart+sweet+cute . LIKE LIKE ! vlogging almost the same with blogging . the difference is . vlogging is a video . okayy . same je kodd dengan blogging . both tempat orang men'ekspresi'kan perasaan . tapi disebabkan achap not that kind of person . yang suke berlakon+buad video . i better do blogging only -.- . your the best BRO ! BTW the yang membuadkan achap memang tabik spring 99x ialah .

: Matluthfi . Pursuing Architecture . Curtin University . Australia : 
the prove ? 

maria elena UNTUNG ambil gambaa YUNA peluk bahu

. okayy . the i found about MARIA ELENA . which is a blogger . and her blog links is here . she also do vlogging . but i haven't watch any of her video -.- . but i can watch it later here . i also found out about ANWAR HADI which also do vlogging . which is here . well i dunno who i like the most . but of course i like+very addicted to MATLUTHFI right now ! i was to N-O-T give a link to his video in this entry . but after i though for a moment . that i should support+promote HE to people who do blog walking here+my followers so . i put the link 


click to his cute face -.-

 actually click mane mane pun . it will links to his video .

. although . i don't have and experience in vlogging . but i decide to support all of THEM . GOOD LUCK to all of you -.- .

. BTW . i also wanna greet to someone . which is his birthday is today . 

: Mohd Azlan Mizy .*his fb name ==' . HB yaw ! may ALLAH bless you :
sumber : MARK ZUCKERBERG =='

 . sorry to you . for not textin you . i thought you the one that don't want to text with me . funny isn't it ? so here the present . where it is. just F-I-G-U-R-E I-T O-U-T !

. that all . erkk ? lame kodd nak buad entry ni ==' . tak bolee jadi wooo . test ! test ! test ! 

. CTU . BEL . MAT . AIS . REVISION . jangan tak buad . G-I-L-A ape ==' 

BTW . counting days . miss home to much . KBYE :) 

terima kasih daun keladi awak

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