Sunday, July 24

happy to GD ! but then why feel want to cry !

nak tengok something -.-
profile picture fb . with GD

tktau kenape . tapi sekarang achap macam tengah high semacam pada die =='

. BTW . kesian pada mereka . but .

i still love ya
min ho sayang

i still miss ya
nichkhun sayang

your the first !
lee donghae sayaaaang

. aceyhh . memang takbole blah kan ? tapi serius saya sayang awak awak awak dan awak

DYK ? it is BETTER to love somebody that you know that person DO NOT KNOW that you love them . than you love a person that he or she knew you love them too much . but they don't even know or want to appreciate it ! it is SAD you know ? *my grammar sucks ! . 

you know what ? when i was stalking your fb . or following your blog . or what ever that i do to make me know the new things+news about you . i was care bout you . and IDK by myself . that actually i was hoping too much . that you know+feel my presence . I WAS THERE ! just please don't just ignore my presence . it was hurt . INSIDE :')

and I just trying to be happy+smile . DEEP inside no one know
rase macam touching lebih . mungkin kerane achap masih dalam tanah jajahan Jepun ?

saye sangat bangga nih+emosi bercelaru . kbye :')

terima kasih daun keladi awak

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